Phoenix Discord bot - A multi-purpose bot.
High-quality music, fun images, many more. You can easily add the bot to your server, no configuration required.


A lot of features are in this bot!

The bot have a lot of features.
Music, fun, moderation, images, levels... And many more.



Phoenix was made to be fast. With 200GB/s bandwidth and a 18GHz processor, the bot will never lag.

Weekly/Monthly updates

Bored of the same features in other bots? Yeah. Phoenix gets weekly small updates and monthly huge ones.

24/7 uptime

How much times you got sad when Dyno got down if you have been doing something? Phoenix never goes asleep. The bot only restarts to apply new updates.

We're not tracking you.

Other bots can see what you do in your Discord server, what messages you send, everything. We don't need your data.

Fast replies from support

Having a problem with the bot? Join our Discord server, describe the issue, wait 10 minutes or less.


Help the bot's development by donating to us.


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